Stories For Emily - LTD CD Album Hardback Book (2nd Edition)

Image of Stories For Emily - LTD CD Album Hardback Book (2nd Edition)


The second album, released March 2010. Now in it's second handmade run of just 26 numbered copies, housed in a small fabric covered hardback book with full lyrics, illustrations & photos. Features John-Joe Murry, Holly Jeffery and Tom Collison accompanying Philip & Natasha.

1. Farewell
2. Leaves & Twigs
3. Emily, Where Have You Gone?
4. A Gift From Doctor Forrest
5. Jack The Mommet
6. Goodwin Sands
7. The Coaching House
8. No White Rabbit
9. A Sorry Tragic Tale
10. To Dream of Death

"Absolutely fantastic!" Sideways Through Sound

"It's a cracking album, delightfully orchestrated and delivered" FATEA Magazine

"A fantastic record overall, and for those who get the limited edition a real work of art. Creativity, in an era of technological blandness. Cause for celebration" Mick Mercer

"Stories for Emily is an album that explores both the near and far corners of British folk music forging new boundaries and kicking up ancient dust as it does. The songs slide from old to new with a deft and delicate touch. It grows more powerful each time you listen, and it’s worth it"

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